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Kalene's Mission Blog

Monday, September 5, 2016

"OH!!! You're one third there. oOOH, living on a prayer!"

Guess who's been out 6 months. THIS GIRL! Can you believe that? I can't believe that.
Most of our five investigators have fallen through (which is usually what happens with investigators) BUT one of them is absolutely GOLDEN! Her name is Barbara and she's this adorable old black lady who recently moved into the area and was looking for a new church to join. Every time we see her she says she just feels overwhelmed with the spirit and believes everything we teach. We teach her that she still needs to pray though because spiritual truth can only be learned through the spirit and we can receive those truths and answers to our questions through prayer. She's come to church THREE TIMES now! She has so much intent and we love her so much. Sadly, I'm being transferred out of Friendswood so I don't get to keep teaching her but I'll get to come back for her baptism.

Barbara alone made our week pretty awesome. But the week was also pretty good because we got a lot of members out with us. Which made the heat quite a bit more bearable seeing as we got to be driven in the air-conditioned cars rather than bike. The heat here is horrible because it's so humid. You feel it. It's sticky. And sweating just makes it worse because it doesn't help much since sweat is supposed to cool you through evaporation. So you're hot and wet and smelly. I shall quote a 14 year old from our ward (who served a mini mission and had to bike ~18 miles a day) - "No one would do this unless it were true."

I hate to say goodbye to this ward but I am reassured by Alma 22:4. Even Alma had transfers. I know that my mission president is inspired of the Lord and that the good people of Victoria must need this pale nerdy girl from Washington.

Love y'all
God Bless

Sister Gillespie

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