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Kalene's Mission Blog

Sunday, September 4, 2016


A lot of work goes into a convert baptism. When you go to a convert baptism, I hope you know how many hours of preparation and stress were put into it by your local missionaries.
But yeah, the baptism went well. Chuck had to be dunked twice because he didn't go all the way under. But that was fine because he had joked about needing to be dunked a few times and maybe rinsed around a bit to make sure that he got completely clean. He did complain later that the water was really warm but I just told him that you use warm water to clean things. He decided he liked that.
This week we had Hermana McMullin with us from Wednesday to Thursday (the blonde in the middle in the picture). She was a traveling trainer. That means her mission was done at transfers 2 weeks ago but she extended a week and a half and went from companionship to companionship just giving them input on their teaching and such. It was fun having her. Don't tell anyone but we stayed up past mission curfew talking. She's really hilarious.
We also helped set up for a wedding on Saturday. We only had time to donate 2 hours of our time to the cause though and we felt really bad because there were only like 5 people helping. But with our two hours we were able to set up this back drop things for the wedding party and pictures. It looks much better in person.

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