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Kalene's Mission Blog

Monday, September 5, 2016

Mini Missionary

We got a mini missionary this past weekend we had her from 7pm Thursday to 5pm on Sunday. We get another one this weekend. Our mini missionary this weekend was really awesome. Her name is Sister Delgado and she just got baptized in February 2015 at age 17. She was the only one in her family to convert and her family temporarily disowned her because of it (she's hispanic and they're hard core catholic). But she's determined to make it to the temple and hopefully serve a mission within the year. It was great having her because she was extremely bold and outgoing. My favorite story from this whole weekend - actually the whole week- is that she got heat exhaustion on the porch of a less active (no the heat exhaustion wasn't the great part). She almost collapsed and she threw up and this less active was so concerned and took really good care of her and insisted that we get her in the car and take her home. Our mini missionary didn't think the whole thing was that big of a deal but she used it to her advantage. So here's the awesome part: as the less active helped her into the car Sister Delgado said to her "Miss [V], I'd love to see you at church on Sunday." Despite almost collapsing this tenacious little mini missionary was determined to fufill our goal of inviting her to church. It was hilarious! Once we got past the fact that our mini missionary wasn't actually dying on us.
That's all for this week.
Hope y'all enjoyed the pics
Love Ya
~Sister Gillespie

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