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Kalene's Mission Blog

Monday, September 5, 2016

Families are Forever

I love Colin's comment "Are all these people related to me?!?" That deserves a follow up of. Yeah, isn't that amazing and that's why family history is so much fun. It seems the theme of the events back home has been family/eternal families. I'm so glad to have caught the family history bug while I'm down here. I found some mail names a couple weeks ago and sent them to Thomas but he hasn't done anything with them yet😔. I wish I could've been at that family reunion. Sister Liufau has family in the ward. Brother Liufau is her second cousin and when I brought her over the very first night to meet them he was so excited. They both pulled up their family history and found that they share the same great-grandfather (different great-grandmothers though so they're technically half second cousins) and Brother Liufau said something like "seeing family history in real life makes family history so much more real and exciting." Being at the family reunion for all the family for my great-grandmother who is also to some great-great-grandmother is eye opening to how large families actually are. Now go just a couple more generations back and try to tell me that ALL of your family history is done. There's definitely an astounding amount more to do; it's rather daunting😨.

This week we found FIVE new investigators. Mary, Linda, Barbara, Wanda, and Walter. So despite it hitting 100+ a couple of times this week we were definitely out working hard.

Another family history plug: Family History - A Protection

Sister Gillespie

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