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Kalene's Mission Blog

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Hide The Painkillers

Missions are supposed to be the "most" two years: most rewarding, most frustrating etc etc. Apparently I don't complain enough about my mission because Mom was wondering about the mosts. So let me wax poetic about the weather here: it's hot.

Seriously, even some of the people who have lived here forever and try to tell you it's not that hot are admitting that no it definitely really is rather hot here. I think they don't really acknowledge it the rest of the year because they don't stick around for the heat. Everyone LEAVES Texas for their summer vacations. Somebody told us the other day that the heat index placed the weather at 106 degrees the other day. 😨  A lot of people have wood fire grills the scent of which make me desperately want to go camping, lots of people have horses which I don't get to ride because it's against white handbook rules, and the mosquitos have eaten me alive. But really, aside from that there isn't much that I would complain about and none of those are real problems.

Sister McCleery is doing just fine. We had a rather eventful week despite her being out for half of it. Her surgery was Wednesday and we got a member to drive us to it and hang out with me while we sat around waiting. She was just the tiniest loopy after the surgery. 

We got her back to the apartment with no incident and as I handed her a pain pill she told me that I'd need to hide the keys, phone, and the rest of the painkillers... what?! Yeah, apparently her family has a tendency to react a little crazily to painkillers and that she might try to steal the keys and run away... okaayyy.... She didn't, but I was kind of looking forward to it. 

For the rest of the week she slept at various ward members houses while I went out with a recently returned sister missionary on Thursday and with the Manvel sisters on Friday. So the only investigator we really saw much of this week was Chuck who is still doing good and progressing toward his baptismal date of July 14 (he chose it. It's his birthday).

One of our other investigators came to church again this week - that makes three weeks in a row. Our Gospel Principles class on Sunday was about baptism so we really want to sit down with him this week and talk about what's keeping him from baptism and what we can do to help him.

Yeah, so not much happened in Friendswood Second this week but it's been safe and I've been fun 😉

Love you all,
Be the person your dog thinks you are,
Sister Gillespie

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