Kalene's Mission Blog

Kalene's Mission Blog

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Here I Go

I packed for my mission today and I leave tomorrow for the MTC. It has been fairly intimidating as I am looking at everything I'm leaving behind and looking at the things I'm taking. It's interesting to realize what are essentials and what aren't as you prepare to spend 18 months living out of two suitcases. I've got the bare minimum for clothes, shoes, and underwear, a full first aid and sewing kit, all my hygiene products, and then half of my carryon suitcase is scriptures and journals. That's it. All I need packed in less than 100 pounds to be toted to a new location every 6 weeks or so. It's rather freeing to leave my extra hundred pounds of books and electronics behind. They fill up too much of my life and as I leave them behind, I'm preparing to fill my life with a greater pursuit: living and sharing the gospel. So wish me luck and pray that I haven't forgotten anything.

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